When others critique your work

When talking to people, about your work, the one thing that will stand out with everybody out there is "You are not selling. Obviously you are doing something wrong. Change it. You got to change it. Make it more edgy. Racy, Something. Change it" 

I said "You should become my literary agent. Or literal agent. I said, if I had you, I would probably do pretty good" 

Truth being- we cannot dissect, we cannot extrapolate, peoples wants, peoples trending fashions from one year to the other.

No doubt, there is a time to rest. After Part 5, I will rest. For those who love my works, that will be a tragic time. For those who hate my works, they will revel and parade in the streets and bang on that shitty tamborine.... lol

But, Frank Sinatra said it best- "I did it my way". So, with few regrets just like in the song, I will produce part 5 but probably in the fall. Depends on health, family, and other things as I thought I would have this thing produced way back when in 2017! The blunder of results of Part 4 ( which I cannot comprehend) only makes my desire to produce Part 5 that much more difficult... But I feel it must be done...

Anyways, finally someone, one of my friends actually went negative on my books. That is good. It is better than being two faced and saying "oh yep that is good and i love it".

Well, be honest when talking to a friend. Do not bs them. Be like Waylon Jennings. No b-s. Tell em straight but in a good way.

Till next time.


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