The Supermarket Guy V latest news

The Supermarket Guy V is between 1/3 done and 1/4 done. It should have been finished last fall, but the lack of interest has been dawning on me that perhaps it is a waste of time. But always in an authors heart, it is never truly so. No matter if sales are dismal, if reviews are albeit "very good" for my series, but not coming in at a steady rate, it should be completed.

The size of this book will be very similar to Part 1, plus or minus a few pages, unless things change in my mindset. I found very little reason to create a heavy Part 1, as it was just the beginning of the heroes claim to fame. An interesting start, and a revealing one also to help with the plot of Part 6. If Part 6 can ever be put to life through any miracles of sales or reviews to come. I think every author hopes to continue his series, but even Sienfeld, The Dukes of Hazzard, and Three's Company all had their time in the sun and then just had to fade away over time. Classics they were, and always will remain.

I entered Part 4 in another book contest of late. There are fewer categories, so this may mean I may totally lose. I rather it in a contest with a 'humor' genre classification, but I put it in their for fun to stir the bees nest up a little bit. I truly do not believe it will beat the other fiction genres out there with sci fi, fantasy, and romance out there... But if you do not try you cannot say you were defeated...

Well, perhaps Part 5 will come out in the fall. I have no schedule, no time frame anymore. I will just pick away at it, and hopefully it will get done... But I will try to get it done... If all things line up..

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