Part 5 of "The Supermarket Guy" a lost hope...

I finallly decided to stop writing and focus on more fortuitous lifestyle for yours truly.

I was over halfway done of Part 5, but I woke up from a dream late at night and realized that I was missing out on life. That I was wasting it on writing my books, books that do not bring any personal satisfaction or relaxation into my life. Earth energy that was grounded by my big toes and fairly long toenails, digging into mother earth...

Yes. I woke up from my dream, and the answer was in a hamsters eyes. I seen a few hamsters duelling at a pet shop here, and it matched my dream exactly. I bought them both, gave them lots of wood chips, and a fruit bowl. I set them up a little wheel, hooked up to a small generator, from where they can produce a bit of power to light up a light.

I was thinking of doing a clothing line for the Hamsters. Maybe even an online order of dry, sealed, food stuffs for the Hamster lifestyle that we all fall short of.

Yes, we can all forget about my writings. I am some glad that I had that dream. I can focus more of my time on the real important things in my life right now. If I play some hard rock music, maybe the two Hamsters can get into some wild circus stunts and I can make some real money off of them... Maybe...


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