The Supermarket Guy 5 passed over a rut.

The Supermarket Guy 5 has passed through a rut of sorts. A hole in the text, or a barracade on the road. For a good while, it was either I was not paying enough attention to the work as of late, but I had a hard time to pick up the pen and start writing again. I had a hard time to get to another chapter, or to get to a different section of material that would mesh everything quite well.

Some problems I am having so far is keeping the characters true to form. I need to focus more on the baby, or Harold, the main character somewhat. He is being forgotten about a little too much in the text. This happens often to me, where some text will come to me and I need to get it in the meat of the material fast, and I omit important small parts where the other characters are there, but cannot, absolutely cannot be forgotten. So, there you have it. The main character is here, but he is a baby. And grows and experiences life with some of the people around him from his past. Even one character hi in, at a time when he will meet him later on in life, for certain. Jon Acadou, playboy extraordinaire accidently meets the hero in a teenage appearance in some sort of competition. Unknowingly to Harold, he is thrust in the middle of the competition... And you can only guess what happens, after...

But the main text is coming along very well, and the only qualms I have once again is finding the time and effort to put into it.

The Supermarket Guy failed to win a humor award at Purple Dragonfly book awards for 2017. But winning one award out of three attempts is a good record, especially for a newcomer like myself. A self publishing knuckle dragger, that is for sure. Or knuckle dragging procrastinator...

Well, I may write some material today if time permits. Cold outside, nothing I can really do today.

Till next time.


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