The Supermarket Guy 4 fails to win award at book contest.

Little while ago, I entered Part 4 of my series into a book award contest. If it did really well, or even finished within the top 10, I would have been very pleased. It did not win any awards. It sort of descended my fervor for writing. Part 5 is probably 25 % complete, but when looking at the results of years of work, and not really cracking any true following or interest among my works, it is as if a heavy thousand pound anchor of lead has been attached to my pencil, and I cannot bear myself to write any longer.

Ok. Maybe half of that up there is not true. The latter. I met a guy I used to work with at the local market here, and he has started to write books. Maybe I had something to do with it, as I told him how easy it was to do, such a long time ago. Maybe he would have found his way without me, but I still think when when talked he had a strong link to what I was doing, and in spirit felt he could do the same.

My books on Goodreads had great reviews in the past month. Two 5 on 5 ratings. I had a 5 star rating on Readers Favorite, for Part 5. Total average for my series is 4 on 5 stars, out of 49 ratings.

But, a strong contest finish would have done more. Like cementing a foundation, like stoking up a coal trains furnace at full heat. Full steam ahead. Positivity leads to more production. Lack of results leads a person to fall off track somewhat at times.

Somehow I was hoping for a small number 10 finish out of 10. A little ray of hope again, to help me hold on to the pen before it sank to the bottom with that ugly, heavy lead anchor.

Oh well. Part 5 not on my mind right now. Maybe next week. Maybe next month... Maybe.


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