Get me a fat chicken dinner and a 5 gallon pail of beer!

Sure, Jokatuzuora could hit a ball far into the ballpark. Right into the bleachers! He had the speed and eyes of an eagle. It was the universal series game, game 7 that is, and tied in the bottom of the 9 th... He was brought from his stellar hitting carreer in the Antartica triple A, to his incredible Universal Baseball league years!

Jokatuzuora asked only of his Major League contract is to have a fat chicken dinner and a 5 gallon pail of beer! He was at bat now. He just had to swing the bat below his 60 inch beer belly, and be a hero! Some people say his oversized belt hanging through the last loop usually hit the ball after the second strike... After he loosened his belt buckle, allot!  After hitting his 80 th home run this season, each ball exiting the ballpark and smashing someones windshield and cellular phone case, as usual, he ran around the bases and flipped over a loosely held second base...Well, this was no exception!

He hit that ball out of the ballpark! The opposing crowd booed! He tripped over second base, which uncovered an unknown electronic device that was magnetic... So magnetic, that it probably forced the end of his bat buckle to swing at the ball right next to the bat... And hit the bloody ball right out of the park!

Jokuatuzu sighed... His game was up! He could not get off of the second base, as his belt buckle stopped him from getting up from his prostrate position...

His lovely electronic engineer of a wife,  Electrona, ran and found an electric car ride to Mexico, thus avoiding prison in the USA... But poor Jokatuzuora, had to give back his sponser money to Armpit Jungle America, and Smelly Toit Pot Pourri, as he was heading to prison for faking his beautiful major league carreer!

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