The Supermarket Guy 4

The Supermarket Guy 4 is now 67 % completed in the first draft.

Only 1 / 3 rd remains to be edited and checked before sending it away to a real deal editor.

I was thinking of producing it by rough copy.

Good idea, or bad? What do you all think?

Why not, have an artists work be seen in the raw, imperfect form, before being corrected by someone else.

Would it be worth more? Less?  Interesting concept. I know we all think it would be worth less, if not edited properly.

Editing does change a few things in the text. Not so much as the thought process, but perhaps the isms here and there that get cut out.

Maybe. I will get it edited, but it is going to take allot more time and effort to get it all done...

Till next time.


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