Father in the hospital.

Sorry that I have been away for so long...

But, my father was admitted to hospital emergency on Friday morning at 2 am. Vomiting was the issue at first, but now with one lung found full of fluid, and when drained filled up full again, things have become a surprising uphill battle for my father.

At 90 plus age, there is not much the hospital will do if it is an operational cure. It "could" be cancer, or COPD heart problems.

We drained the lung once, to see if it would remain drained. It filled up again really quickly, causing doctors to give a very negative prognosis. They said it was not pneumonia, to fill up that quickly again. This was 3 doctors giving a poor outlook on his future outcome, and could live between 3 days to a month, plus or minus.

60 % oxygen was the first value given to me Friday morning. When the lung drained, we achieved 97 % Oxygen. Then, though the weekend, we had a high pulse but 80 to 70 % oxygen.

Monday and Tuesday, I thought death was ringing in. He appeared weak, would not eat, and he was sleeping most of the time. Moprhine was given to ease the pain.

Tuesday morning, he appeared weak, but I fed him oatmeal and maple syrup from home. Then mixed his milk with boost. He could not eat the rest of the afternoon. I continued with the boost, mixed with little milk.

Wednesday, he seemed to eat a bit better breakfast, a few teaspoons of dinner, and a small amount of supper. Boost was supplanted at each stage.

Thursday, he ate maple syrup with oatmeal again. A bite of toast. Continued to eat a bit more of dinner, and supper. I mixed some boost at both breakfast and dinner times.

Result so far- pulse went down from 160 Monday, 110 Tuesday to Wednesday morning, to 80 Weds. night to 60 ish Thursday.

* antibiotics were given all this time, as oxygen levels increased from 60, to high 70s, finally achieving mid 80s.

- knowing at his age, he could pass at any time. Not sure if he will make it past the month, but we will surely continue to try.  Being the only son, had to feed him all by myself, or try to encourage it when he refused, many time... It is like trying to shovel through concrete...

Keep you posted...


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