The Supermarket Guy 4- Subtitle top secret

The Supermarket Guy 4's progress has been steady over the last few weeks. I had time to write a few pages last week, and the ideas continued to flow.

With approximately 70 % complete ( as compared to my other books in the line up in total pages), this could be a really long book. 

The problems I have right now, is linking up the characters to the various events that are happening around them. Trying to decide whether or not to delete some scenes, leave some in, or go into another direction with the main focus. Then, to decide if the action should go to a different scene, a different location, how to get there and what not. Or just have it quickly get to the climax, and just make a shorter book. With no deadlines, it makes it much easier just to take the time to make it, perhaps, a little longer in length this time.

Very interesting, and I am sure many authors are in the same thought process on to how to achieve a supermarket kind of ending ;)

Hopefully I will be able to finish it this fall, as there are no other glitches or events to hold me up.. We will see..

Till next time


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