There is a new superhero in town- Capitaine Recyler!

Capitiane Recycler was flying over Wasteville, when he seen a lady toss plastic bottle out of her car while driving in the woods.  Capitaine Recycler whooshed down at great speed, with his super hero suit made out of recycled tires, his cape made out of old carpets, and his mask made out of old tampons!

"Lady!", he yelled, as he began to fly close up to the renegade jeep at full speed down the country road. He was swallowing some dust, as he had the empty plastic bottle in his hand.  She looked at him in a stunned manner, as he was flying just close to to her now. He showed her the plastic bottle and pointed to it "This bottle is recyclable, and you can get five cents on a refund! That money can go into the stock market to invest in a recyclable company and pay you out double!"

The young lady looked at her husband who was driving, "Not another creepy superhero! Watch this, darling!" He was heading close to a road that winded in and out near a cliff. He then moved his vehicle over to the right side of the road, causing Capitaine Recycler to move near the cliff. The driver bumped Capitaine Recycler into a rock that jutted out from the side of the cliff. He hit his head on the rock, split it in two, and fell down on the road.

The couple laughed, and began to sing after their polka music that was now blaring from their jeep at full resonance!  Then, in the rear view mirror, Capitaine Recycable was headed towards them at full speed with the recycled bottle in his hand. He got close to the jeep, and pushed the bottle up its tail pipe. He then flew close to the man who was driving, and waved politely at him. The jeep stalled. A sputter and a putter no longer came out.

The man was just about to get out of his jeep, when Capitaine Recycler lifted it off of the ground. "I am going to learn you guys all about recycling. I am taking you to a place where you can see it all happen. Did you know your vehicle can be recycled up to 95 % of its total components".  The lady screamed, the man screamed, as they could see they were headed to a junkyard of sorts.

He slammed the jeep down into a car crusher, then hauled on the lever. The two ran out of the vehicle before the hydraulics could crush them as well. They panted and huffed, as they had to act very quickly to get out to safety.

The man yelled at Capitane Recycable "You idiot! That vehicle was brand new, and did not need to be recycled! My insurance is going to come after you very soon!" The lady yelled "Lesson about recycling? Just think about the energy that has to be used to get our jeep back into a jeep again! What a joke you are, Capitaine Recycler!

Capitaine Recycler held out his hand "First of all, I do not have a license plate on my rear end, so good luck in finding me to get that insurance pay out. Second of all, that bottle you threw out maybe a new dash in that new Jeep you are going to buy! Saving the planet, one bottle at a time!"

Capitaine Recycler flew away, amid a flurry of rocks and car parts being thrown at him. He soon was out of range, and heralded "Another recycling lesson, and soon I will be visiting all of the earthlings, to bust and break those who do not recycle their old egg cartons to make eyeglasses out of em!"

And thus, a legend was born!!!


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