My Dog has ate a Ferrero Rocher.

I had only went into a store to buy a few Ferrero Rocher packages of chocolates... Then, I went into the next store, not realizing that I left the small, 3 chocolates per package, delicious Rochers in my middle vehicle organizer. On the way back, I did not even notice.

I had got out of my vehicle, and only when I went to search for something on that side, it all came together. The package was torn, with only one individually wrapped Ferro Rocher out of its packaging. She had selected one, and even tore the golden foil paper from the once existing Rocher Chocolate.

I looked over at my Dog. This was a little too much for me to handle. I yelled "Pushkin! You ate one of my Ferrero Rocher!"  Is she the only dog in the world that probably ate a Ferrero Rocher.

Good point in standing, she actually thought the process through. She did not destroy the three chocolates in the package, all in one bite. She used her incisors, exactly as a surgeon would, to take apart the package from the narrowest side. Then, she was smart enough to take one out. Then, using her tongue, to unwrap the golden foil paper. Smart, yet devious, Dog.

I was some content that maybe she was not that fast enough, to swallow the three. Or, not that piggish enough, to just chew threw the plastic and foil paper, and crunch down on the whole thing. Just totally mush it up, and swallow the whole thing.  I wonder why she did not take the later route, but maybe she figured I was not smart enough to see the package crunched up there under the blanket at the right side low edge of the center console organizer... I fine snack for a later date.. If I would not have got out of the vehicle, and go to the other side, I would not have ever seen her take the Ferraro Rocher package...

Hiding it like a squirrel... Well well... Tricky hound dog, but not tricky enough! Learn how to digest plastic too, Pushkin!

Till next time...


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