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The 5.2 Honko Motor is installed in Grannies Chair lift from Hell!

Famous and well liked in the area Grandma Ponkatup winced at her two grandsons "You hook up that 5.92 L Honko motor to my chairlift, you better make sure it makes the California Emission standards! If not, you guys will have to pay to hook a metal flex pipe from its muffler into the old coal mine tunnel not so far from our swish cellar!"

Anissohi laughed and comforted his grandma with a big hug "Do not worry, Grandma. When that old Honko diesel motor chugs down the stairway, it will only idle, as the alternator will charge its 24 volt battery! You can feel assured by the violent seat vibrations that will occur when that rudely tuned motor vibrates you into a coma!"

Fruknuts sighed "Stop toying with grannie, and get your story straight! We will hook up the exhaust to the toilet outlet. From there, it will go under the sewer field bed right under her cucumbers. She will have so many she will have to hire a few green environmentalors to harvest em! Then they will see how clean diesel really is!"

Grandma smiled "Double my cucumberler brunch you say! More money to spend on "Buy it again, Scratch Tickets!" I am all in!"

The boys worked frantically all night long.. All day long... For a few weeks.. Giving up time at their self proclaimed businesses, ditch bottle picking, and earth worm collecting...

Finally it was all together... Anissohi was going over the last shimming of the 5.92 L Honko motor!

"Damn it, Fruknuts. Your motor's governor is way out of tune. If Grandma presses on the gas paddle there, she could fly right through the roof and hit old Uncle Ploofum's pig barn"

Fruknuts looked at the intricate fine tuned governor, and made a final twist of a set screw "That dang flyball should not drive her to the moon, Frukkie. I just set it so that it revs allot lower. And, the new hydro shaddic transmission should work to reduce the torque and horsepower by nearly half. She will be fine"

Anissohi glued the cover over the motor, as the chairlift bent a few inches to the other side of the stairway due to the heavy weight of the motor. The stairway twisted once the comealong came loose from supporting its weight.

Fruknuts yelled as he pressed the remote to start the 5.92 L Honko motor to glide and rattle upstairs. "Grannie, get off of the friggin toilet already! Don't wipe it clean and come on down on your new stairlift! You will be some impressed!"

Anissohi smiled "Just wanted to say grannie, that it was me who did all the nice chrome job on your armrests and seat... I hope you do not fall off and get caught in the trannie!"

Grandma rushed out from the washroom. She smiled and clasped her hands together "Boys, you truly outdone yourselves! It is surely a thing of beauty!" She sat down on the chairlift now "But, why is the friggin stairs all the way bent like a snake running away from one of those crazy I'll eat anything hungry survivalist shows"

There was no answer from her proud grandsons. She hit the throttle, as the big 5.92 Honko Motor revved up. A big billowing cloud of smoke made her cough, which in turn blacked her face. She engaged the trannie, but something suddenly when wrong....She hit the nitrous oxide switch...

The motor flew down at near lightning speed towards the ground... Grannie made a hole in the ground the size of the bloody 5.92 Honko motor... Right into the old coal mine that used to power that great ole town of Fruknuts and Anissohi...

Grandma's tombstone was the 5.92 L Honko motor that ran her right through into the ground... Fruknuts never could make it to the creek anymore to hear the bullfrogs go at it... Nor, could Annisole could ever be the great thinker he used to think he was anymore, at modifying stuff...

The end-  Read my books you will laugh until you piss your pants.... Till next time..


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Have a supermarket kind of day...