Part 4 First Draft Completed!

Part 4 of "The Supermarket Guy" is completed. It currently stands at 85 000 words, the longest book that I have ever created.

Now, to decide how to publish it, or not to publish it. We all know humor books is a difficult sell. Seems like you can get humor almost anywhere, and it does not offer anyone anything, like self help books do or non fiction.

The subtitle for this book was always in my mind, and I have not found any other to replace it as of yet. The cover for the book, I will try to draw that out next time, as I have done for the rest of the three books that have been published thus far.

If I do publish this one, and it does not sell, this will definitely be the last of the series for myself. I could not create any more, as the economics do not warrant even the creation of a Part 4 to date.

I would retire, from self publishing, and go into different avenues in life. Try businesses, or different hobbies, or something else.

It would be the end for the expensive art of self publishing for yours truly.

Now, to decide whether to publish it or not.

Till next time.


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