A new poll at the bottom of the page, way past all of the other crap!

Yep. Time to decide whether to produce Part 4 or not.

I got a poll running at the bottom of the page. Notice how I put the yes at the far bottom, making people actually work to give an answer.

This means that, the 'yes', like in all telemarketing conversations that you may have in your entire lifetime, is not at the top of the line of questioning.

When the yes is at the top, it means it maybe more attractive just to answer the yes, at the top, because it maybe the only thing you may remember after becoming bored with the rest of the question.

I even placed the best thing about the question at the end of each answer. So you won't, or shouldn't get bored.

So it is all up to you.

You choose, if I should create Part four or just leave it in my time capsule for to open from my great great grandchildren in 2200.

You decide. This is truly a reality blog.

Till next time.


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