Plant the bumper crop before the tornado hits!

Thundernose, the super dog, was under a heavy, deep sleep. He was dreaming of defeating an invading army of a million and one fleas trying to enter a local SPCA ventilation system, and infecting the whole cat and dog population inside. He was just about to pour some kerosene down the hole and light it up, until he was so arrogantly awakened by Mattpluck.

He twirled Thundernose round and round in the hammock, then shot him across the barn. Thundernose quickly regained his senses on seeing the peak of the barn just below him, and returned his flight to a calm but speedily controlled fashioned. He slammed into Mattpluck, who flew head first into his pet Hamster wheel which was located outside when the weather was nice. His hamster then began spinning the wheel, as Mattplucks tongue was stuck between one of the spokes.

He managed to muffle a few words out "Ma tong is tuck in da friggin wheel, hep befo he tears the f*&* ting off!"

Minolita yelled "Quick, get the sheep shearers! Or buck saw!"

To be continued....  


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