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Thundernose.. A new kind of superhero!

Sure, Thundernose was not your average, tail wagging, beer drinking, bad rear end with tight leather suit comic book hero kind of person.

Not Benji. Not Lassie. Not Snoopi who always (on top of the house) probably secretly rented out the dog house on Charlie Brown for many dark reasons that we will never prescribe to.

Thundernose was a prodigy of a relationship between a miniature Chihauhau and a German police dog. A family split between sizes of dog bowls, soft squeaky toys, and poop scoop bags, their relationship did not last long.

Leaving poor Thundernose alone to fend for himself ( his mother was a road runner, and his father took a keen interest in chasing cars), left him with a keen scent of street instinct...

Then, he met his master Mattpluck, who was only 15 years old, being bullied by a few young chicks at the corner of barnyard and manure fields..

Thundernose could smell the chicks, ever so advancing towards poor Mattpluck, pushing him unknowingly off of the fancy gravel, dusty sidewalk into the oncoming lane of slow moving tractor traffic!

Quickly, Thundernose ran towards Mattpluck, and scattered the small birds towards the hen house, where they left due to a strike on their part- their light bulb had went out at night, making it terribly cold for their stay, as mother hen played online poker at night...

Thundernose then tugged on poor Mattplucks much in style bell bottoms, until he flung forward face first just under the pigs tail that was sticking out of the beautiful muddied white colored fence near the sidewalk... 

The slow moving tractor passed by, without crushing poor Mattpluck... Moving his darkened nose from under the pigtail, he could see his savoir from the blood he was coughing up due to the smell of this new mud from under his nose...

To be continued..


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