Supermarket Guy 4- more progress made.

More progress was made last night, on Part 4 I had written another 2 or 3 pages, and had to pause as I got my characters into a mess in which I had to think of a way to get out of it.

A natural disaster, a gun battle, an contagion outbreak, a love situation, there are many things you can throw at your character, and then after you need to figure out if this is the way you should go or not.  Is it too powerful of a situation for your human or superhuman character to get out of? Is it believable, and should it be believable? In writing fiction, I think you are safe to throw whatever you want at the outcome of things.

We all seen fast, unexplained escapes from certain situations on tv, film, or plays. I am trying to keep it as near believable as possible, and hopefully I can continue down that path.

Right now the main characters are heading towards something, and I need to figure out a way on how they will escape it. I still have to act on the other characters, as they had not much of a role in the past few books. This time, I want to try to involve them a little more, but with the format of this book, it is difficult to do.  As with Part 3, it was also difficult to do, as the story unrolled mostly around 2 characters.

With this one, I will try again to describe the characters as best I can, as people may not pick up Part 1, 2, or 3 to get the best vision of where the book came from. This is important, and I need to work on that a little more here. It makes it harder as you get further and further away from Part 1, as more relationships develop, more situations become tangled, and general explanations hopefully can cover the past history between characters "Remember when..."  "How could I forget when..."  "You cannot trust him, think back to when he"

I hope to arrive at an ending, but I was thinking this was going to be a tough one. Need to shore up some stuff in the body, link things better, and what not. Still working away at it..

But, with the lack of sales on all three books, this may only be a kindle release. Economics right now calls for a down scaled version.

Till next time...


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