Part 4, is still uncertain for the continuation of the series.

Was talking to some friends the other day,  as Part 4 seems to be a wrench thrown into the gears. With low sales,  the advice was not sound to continue to churn out books to continue on the series. They tell me I should throw in the towel. Wave the white flag. Get some comfort food, like bacon and eggs.

With 60 % of Part 4 done, it would appear my writing has developed into a kind of airplane stall. Oddly enough, the flow of ideas from the mind were quite positive in reaching the end result to this book, but the time was not there to write much at all.

It would appear now that Part 4 could be released as a Kindle only version on Amazon, if I could get to the finishing point. It would be poorly edited, and at a low price. This is the question, I had been asking myself for the last few months. Should I put it out there as a kindle, only version, and have the benefit of the 99 cent e book sales price, and worry pas?  At 99 cents, who would care about the editing, and if people really wanted to take a glimpse into the writing style I do have, would this be the avenue to open it up? This maybe the way to proceed. To do this at 1/3 rd the price, is truly enticing.

There is one day we all wake up to the reality of things. Either your book series is too far from the mainstreams ideas of entertainment, whether it is really poor marketing skills, or a resistance from the public to try something "old" or "new" style of writing, I will never know.

Only good news to report, is that Part 3 is on Sears Books USA and Walmart Books USA on their book sites. That was a sure, great moment for this guy. Even if they take down the postings with a lack of sales, they were there. For a moment in time.

Part 4 is in stale water right now. There is no flow to it. Green, slimy algae and barnacles cover its treasure chest. Will it ever be opened for the public to see. Not sure, mateys!


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