Today's self help tips.

Ok. You are in a bad mood, and you do not know why. Your system has stopped. Nothing just feels right. How do you turn things around?

Allot of self help books will get you to try to get you to be positive in some aspect or another by changing eating habits, sleeping habits, or changing addictions.

These are all three things that do need to be resolved, in time, if you do have them. What I am focusing on here today, is the present.

And in the present, you can lift yourself easily, by doing the following.

1. First, I would say by actually doing something. It does not take much. Cleaning a room, or going outside and planting flowers. Where you do something that actually gives you a foot forward. Take up a new hobby, like painting?  Maybe a new sport, and it could be even darts, playing pool, or cards at some card club in your area. People are always welcoming, and they want to include you in their activities. Most of these organizations are looking for new members, all of the time.

It is the fact that you have accomplished something, no matter how little it can be, which actually moves a foot forward and makes you feel, allot better. This is a solid fact, that actually doing a little every day, moving forward, is a great motivator.

2. Go to a concert. Go to a movie. Rent a movie that is upbeat. There are lots of things to do, to lift your senses out of the gutter again. Pick up a book (not necessarily my book), but a great novel about inspirational stories.  Nothing too dark, as to get yourself back in that bad mood, you so desperately need to get out of.

3. Cut back on the junk food. This always makes a person feel, really good. Fast food, chips, chocolate bars. But I would not deprive totally. Just reduce your intake of these things, over time. You will automatically, feel much better.  Eat vegetables, fruit, garlic, vitamins, onions, berries, and remove allot of the sugars in your life. You will feel like a million bucks.

As far as alcohol, and drug addiction, seek help from family, and support groups. I think of Alcoholics Anonymous as one. If it is too far gone a problem, your doctor may suggest a different route. Whatever the problem, seek professional help. They just want to get you back on track, and to get you to truly enjoy life again.

4. Seek spiritual healing. Go to see a local pastor, minister, or rabbi to seek some spiritual strength. Spirituality has moved mountains for many people, and given them a new outlook on life. This is well documented, as people with problems in the past turned to a spirituality, which gave them 180 degree turn in their life habits.

Ok, there you have it. 4 special tips... Right here, right now. Myself personally, I do not follow the 4 steps all of the time. No one is perfect, but if you try, it can keep your mind active and healthy... Believe it or not..

Till next time... 


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