The New Years Resolution Contest.

Three young men decided to go through a real changeover for the New Year. To bet, on their New Years Resolution. The loser would have to jog around campus with a piece of double folded coarse sandpaper between his legs.

Hickutt said he would stop digging for gold up his nose. His nose picking was famous, throughout town, and his nostrils were getting bigger and bigger all of the time.

Tuppett, said he would stop peeing outside on the cold snowbanks. After all, the ladies said it would get smaller if he continued to do so.

Roffett, said he would stop scratching his balls. This could be a difficult task for him, as he enjoyed a good scratch now and then. People believed he was half cat, thus the reason for scratching himself all of the time.

A few hours passed at the deadline. The three men were drinking beer, in their University Dorm.

Tuppett said to Hickutt, in an attempt to get him to dig for some gold. He had many beers tonight, and he looked a little weasy "They say if you pick your nose tonight, within the next minute corresponding with the full moons position, you will become a millionaire tomorrow evening!"

Hickett rose his finger towards his nose, but then stopped before he could plunge into his nostril "Good try, Tuppett.. Not going to work, as I heard that old myth before".

Hickett than spoke a few words to the two men "They say if you go outside, tonight, and pee on the grave of the old University bad luck cat, that you will be the fan and desire of all the University women tomorrow!" Tuppett was just about to go outside, when he remembered of the bet they just had, as he nearly opened the rooms door to the outside.

"Good one, Hickett. All I know, is that I am some glad I did not sleep with Robinetio last night. Everybody knows she has the crabs"

Roffett then began scratching his crotch, like it was going out of style...


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