News on the washer that will not spin!

The washer, Whirlpool #wtw4800xq that will not spin during its regular cycle, is now in recycle mode.

I am thinking that the control board, at a cost of near 200 $, is too risky to place into the machine. Especially after hearing all of the bad reviews on this machine from Amazon, and then having to take a chance on the control board working as it should.

The repair man, said this machine would not reset, contrary to my beliefs and Whirlpools phone person. On the U tube, and over the phone, Whirlpool tells me you just have to unplug it to reset the machine, for at least a minute or so. I done that, but the machine continues not to spin when the cycle calls for it.

Right now it is washing. Washing a pair of my hound dogs slippers. But, if they do not spin, how will I be able to dry them outside in minus 20 C weather.. Good golly miss Molly.

I give up. I may look to buy an Inglis. Mom said her Inglis lasted her, how long now... 9 years with no problems.. Wait a minute... Whirlpool bought out Inglis a few years ago? What about Maytag? Yeah, they are probably bought out too! Oh, Kenmore? Who knows who makes those, as Sears contracts that out every so many years.

Earlier I talked about a machine that should last 5 years... Do not misunderstand me, I feel they should last a good 10 years. 5 Years without any major, huge problems, with most of the population having good machines in their homes, that may last 10 or 20 years.

Keep away from the electronic gadgets. That is what most appliance repairmen will say... Ok, that is enough frustration for today...

Till next time... Still using the drain and spin cycle to complete my wash cycle..


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