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My washer has quit spinning after 24 months from its purchase...

When you buy something, sales people always ask if you would like to purchase the extended warranty. I used to take it for some electronics, especially laptops, but have always had a hard time to buy these warranties.

Because when buying electronics, appliances, or what not, should they not last for at least 5 years? That is my personal opinion, and I know allot of you would say that the machine should last forever. Yeah, I remember those, long forever days that have passed us bye. But 5 years is what I would like to see as the minimum standard for consumer protection. I remember Moms old primitive, low tech washer, that used to last for at least 20 years time. Allot of things in the 70's, 80's, used to last forever and ever. Dads fridge, was replaced only after 25 years of use. Probably because it just looked, too old. Not up to todays fashion standards, I guess. So sadly enough, the old fridge stickers have been swept away with it too.

Well, I did not buy a warranty on this new Whirlpool washing maching, top loading model WTW4800XQZ. Whirlpool is the best! Or is it?  I did experience a problem with the top agitator falling off into the wash, which was replaced on warranty. The repairman came in, and tightened it up, only to have come loose again for a second time, only this time it happened after the machines warranty had become void. Now the machine will not spin, during its regular cycle. It spins, now and then, when you put the selector switch on the "Drain and Spin" setting. Sometimes..

3 problems with this machine, just in a 2 year time frame. Wow.

Now, do not get me wrong. Whirlpool is a great company, and they do produce super products. Is this model just a lemon? I can think of many companies over the history of the manufacturing world, that had created lemons. Or is it just me having these problems?  I could see the control board, is made in China. This is the thing I wanted to replace. It looks easy to replace on those You Tube videos.

I call Whirlpool for support, where the staff are very friendly. They say they will pay for the visit for the repairman, if it cannot be fixed, on the premise of only if we buy a Whirlpool machine. Trouble is, after having an experience like this, I may go back to another brand. I then asked them to e mail me the repair manual. It never came yet, so I am assuming they mixed up my e mail addy.  The other brand lasted at least 9 years, with only some shaking problems which could have been probably fixed, in the end. Just that the repairman that did come during that visit, did not have the parts to fix it at the time.

And the absolute reason for buying Whirlpool, is their good reputation and reliability in the product report books I have here at home. And, if I was to buy a warranty for each and every electronic gadget I have at the house, it would ring me in for over a thousand dollars every 8 or so years.  Which is why, it is so difficult to purchase these warranties-  when you even maybe liable for the labor, in some of these programs. Just a visit from a repairman of any sort, may incur a charge of plus or minus 80 dollars just for a diagnostic.

I remember telling a repairman awhile ago, that the switch in my truck would not work for the power windows. It was what was wrong, but they still charged me for the diagnostic. Incredible.

Well, all I can tell you, is that no matter how reliable you think it is, there are failures in nearly every brand out there. You are bound to get a lemon, out of the many good oranges out there. Sour as it tastes, you just got to sugar it up and digest it.

Oh, and, just as a leaving comment, I would not recommend this product to even my Dog. In my opinion, the engineers at Whirlpool had just created a new version of lemon aid!

Till next time...


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