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Ipoitie realizes there are no more Holidays until Valentines.

Ipoitie watched as all of the New Years decorations were being placed away in a box.  His mother then put up the old boring family black and white pictures, with her Greek God statues. Ipoitie sighed. No more fun, until Valentines when he might be able to kiss a few ladies. He was 18 and decided not to go to college, but party wide open for a year. So he stayed at home, while all his friends went back to college, to get an education.

Ipoitie yelled at his mother "Give me the keys to the car. There must be a holiday being celebrated somewhere, in this wild old world".  His Mother, Montinita, replied "No car after your binge drinking last night. The holidays are over, time for you to dry out. There is a big mug of coffee out on the table, in the kitchen there!".  Ipoitie hissed at his mother, and decided to go to his room and listen to his heavy metal cd's.

He listened to "We are going to rock and roll, all night, and Party Every Day!" from Kiss. He smiled, as he began tossing his empty beer bottle in the air. He then got two, then three, and began juggling them. He then opened his window, as there were some pretty ladies in some ski doo suits outside, who began to run to the house.

His mother heard the door bell. She ran over to open the door, "Oh, my ladies, what are you..." they ran bye her and headed towards Ipoties room. There, they began to pillow fight, giggle and laugh for the rest of the afternoon.

His mother then began to rock with them. She opened the door, and began to bang on pots and pans. She gave his son a 40 ouncer of whisky. She threw in a bag of marijuana. Then things really took on a holiday of their own. He began to smash the walls, the ladies began to tear apart the ceiling fan. Breaking the lovely dresser glass, that cost a few thousand dollars in price. His mother laughed, and headed out towards the phone in the living room.

Finally, the police came in with their tazer guns and tear gas. The rolled one into the room. Everyone began crying, and moaning in tremendous discomfort on the floor. The cops began billy clubbing the teenagers, and began tazering them at will.

Ipoitie then said "Mom, what are you doing. You tricked me, by giving me that 40 ouncer of alcohol. You knew I would lose control! Darn it all!"

Ipoities Mom replied "You are going to jail for a few months, until Valentines day, Ipoitie. I need a holiday, a sort of break, you know".


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