Da Bus Patrol Tinks der Tough, Part IV!

Sparkum and Louieti who were sitting now near the front of the bus, edged the bus driver to go into a local McDonald's parking lot, where a few buses were parked in the far back, away from all the hustle and bustle.
"Park in between those two buses there!", exclaimed Sparkum. "Out of sight, hidden by those trees. We need to do some quick body work!" Immediately, Sparkum grabbed Vioputi and Philieniettis and threw them down the bus stairway. Along with the two cans of green paint. He too followed. Louieti remained behind to guard the rest of the bus, where 40 students remained in silence for fear of being sprayed with chicken feculence.

Sparkum then got Philieniettis to open the cans of paint with his buck teeth. One flew out of Philieniettis mouth. He was some mad, but decided against sucker punching Sparkum. He was some fast with a squirt gun filled with liquid chicken crud.

"Ok, now Vioputi, dip your hair into the can, and start running around the bus. You too, Philieniettis, and cover your hands. Reach as far up as you can, cover the bus in green paint! Now, or I will cover you in chicken feculence!"

The two unwillingly covered their hair, just like wet paint mops, and rubbed their heads all around the bus in dismay. They slid their hands across as high as they could get. Vioputi, then got on Philieniettis shoulders, as they ran around the bus. The bus was nearly covered in green. So much so, that Sparkum forced them back on the bus. He then changed the plates of the buses in the parking lot, so they had now a sort of legit plate on their vehicle.

Sparkum got back on the bus. Louieti noted "I am getting hungry, Sparkum. Our inferior classmates are getting hungry too! How are we going to feed everbody?"

Sparkum waved the gun at the bus driver.  "I seen a wedding tent way down the road. Head for that tent, right now"

The bus driver squealed the buses wheels, as they headed for the wedding site. Huge tents were set up, and the catering truck was left nearby. The bus parked alongside the catering vehicle, blocking the view from the tent.

This time Louieti got down off of the bus, and opened the rear door to the catering vehicle. There, were a few roasted turkeys, chickens, and hams. He run back and forth several times, from the catering vehicle to the bus, until he had enough food to supply the gang. He went in one last time too many, as he met the head chef just entering from the front side of the vehicle.

"Hey, why you little brat! Give me that food back!". Louietti opened up the chickens stuffing opening, and flung the chicken at the small chef. It enveloped his head, as he fired off a few squirts of chicken feculence at him. It smelled terrible.

Louieti ran back to safety inside the bus. The chef sporting the chicken helmet slammed his head in between the closing doors. "Time to get out of her, Squirrely. That means you, press on the gas, bus driver lady!"

The chef was caught between the two doors with the chicken stuck on to his head. Sparkum kicked the door mechanism to close violently, causing the two drumsticks to fly into Louieti's and Sparkum's hands respectively. The chef then fell to the pave, as the chicken helmet he was wearing probably saved his life.

Sparkum smiled at his compadre, "On to Canada, to see the Ice Monkeys, Louieti! Soon our dream will have become a reality!"

To be continued....


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