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Da Bus Patrol tinks der Tough Part 3!

Louieti forced the bus driver to open the bus door at the hardware store, where the bus was now stopped. Sparkum noted "I will go with him, and stick my chicken feculence gun buried deep in his back. Just in case he tries to warn the authorities about our presence. You never can trust a 11 year old kid, these days!".

Sparkum walked closely behind Ronaldoi, when entering the friendly hardware store. He picked up two gallons of green paint, from the back of the store, when Sparkum kicked Ronaldoi in the back of the pants "That is deck stain. That will not stick to our metal bus paint, you slimy little earth worm! Go and pick up that Tremclad paint, right now!  Or I will shoot you full of chicken love, right here now!"

Ronaldoi switched the paint for the good stuff, and then headed to pay at the counter. He then held out his 50 dollar I tunes card to the middle aged lady behind the desk. "An I Tunes card? Mister, I am sorry but we do not accept that kind of payment here".  Sparkum pressed his pistol further up Ronaldois back and whispered "Your sweetie is waiting for you on the bus, Ronaldoi". Ronaldoi then placed the card on the cashiers desk again. No one else was at the desk at the time, fortunately for Sparkum.

"Lady, please, take the I tunes card for the two cans of paint! It is the only thing I got on me, and we need to paint the orphanage green in order to keep the mold from getting into the old Nuns room! If she gets sick, then there will be no one to look after us"

The woman behind the cash sobbed a bit, then took the card. "Alright, but why is your friend following you so close behind you?"  Ronaldoi laughed "Oh, he has a anxiety disorder, and he is only comfortable when he is close to his friends".

Ronaldoi and Sparkum then headed to the automatic doors, with Ronaldoi lifting the two cans of paint in his hands. She said as they both were nearly out of the main doors, "I hope your friend solves his closeness disease!".  Ronaldoi looked back, "He will be better when he goes and sees his Ice Monkey parents in Canada, if you know what I mean!".

Immediately Sparkum hit Ronaldoi on the head with the butt end of his plastic poop pistol, as he fell to the floor. He then fired off a shot from his pistol right in the face of the store clerk, that plastered her face in brown goo.

Sparkum picked up the two cans of paint, and ran into the bus. "Hit the gas, Bus lady, or everyone is going to get some chicken feculence in their faces!".

Louieti asked "What happend to Ronaldoi? I see you got the paint"  Vioputi cried "My Ronaldoi! You destitute boys, you!".  Sparkum laughed "He spilled his guts on the Ice Monkeys, and gave the direction of our bus. We need to make much haste, find a place where there is a bus exactly like this. Paint the other bus green, as they will be waiting for a green bus now, once Ronaldi spills his guts... and then take the plate of another bus!"

Louieti replied "Good thinking, but you forgot the mops to paint the bus with. What are we going to use now?"  Sparkum laughed again, "We will use Vioputi and Phileniettis head, they got awful long hair. They look like they could use a hair color treatment, and what better color than lime green!"

To be continued...


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