Da Bus Patrol tinks der Tough Part 2

Sparkum and Louieti then run up to the front of the bus, while yelling "Everybody down! Keep your heads down unless you want to be sprayed with this high powered chicken feculence!" The bus driver stood up from her seat, after parking the bus at a train station. "You put that thing down. There are no ice monkeys in Canada, only Ice Orangatuans. Give it up, you guys will be going to detention for a long, long time!" She held out her hand to receive the loaded chicken feculence gun from Sparkum. Sparkum then fired off a squirt in her open hand, as she began to jump up and down. She then got down behind her bus seat to look for some paper towels "Why you bad little imps..." Just before she said that, she turned around to see to pistols ready to fire right in front of her face. She crumbled and began to shake in fear "I did not know you had two guns! Ok, I will do whatever you want me to do! I know a short route to the northern Kingdom. If I ram the gates, they may let us in!"

Sparkum smiled at Louieti. "Good idea, bus driver. And, nobody better try to over take us, or we have a specially loaded chicken fetulence bomb in our pack sack, just ready to blow fetulence all over you guys. You will smell like a chicken coup for a week! Now, lets get this bus rolling, sister!"

Louieti had an idea. "We better go to the hardware shop, get out some mops and a few green cans of paint. We need to disguise this bus, and make new license plates"

They stopped at the corner hardware store in Los Angeles, California. By now, the moms were worried as their kids did not make it home for like six hours now. The Young and the Restless show was long over, so now they began to ask "They should have run out of arcade money by now? Where did they go".

Sparkum seen that Voiputa and Ronaldoi was sitting in the front seat. Two valentines cuties, who always were seen together. Sparkum looked at Ronaldi, and shoved the butt of his shit gun pistol under Ronaldi's nose. "You go into that hardware store, and do not say a friggin word! Get us two cans of paint, and two mops.. Pronto, or I will fill your little sweet heart here full of pure, liquid chicken feculence!"

Ronaldoi now trying to be the brave one, shoving the pistol away from his nose "Listen, I have no money on me. I can try to ask them if I can build a few bird houses for them, but the last time I did that the bird houses were condemned for lack of using the building code!"

Louieti shoved Ronaldoi down in his seat, and Sparkum pointed his pistol at the bus driver "Give us your wallet, Ms Bussie, or get sprayed. And I mean now!"  Quickly, she tossed over her wallet while shrieking "I only have a 50 dollar I tune card in there".  Louieti laughed "Is there anyone who brought lunch money with them today?  I Tune card, we cannot download paint in there! Can we? Geesh!"

Ronaldi could see his sweetheart shed a few tears, so he grabbed the I Tune card. "I will make it work, just do not spray any liquid chicken crud on anyone! I will be back, alright"

To be continued....


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