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As the Moon Shines- Newest Soap Opera!

Polterhep looked at his adoring wife, Shalahop. He threw the mountain of papers off of his desk, and made a huge mess on his marble floor. "Oil and gas, oil and gas... I should have went into the bloody oil and gas industry, instead of wasting my money and time into over sized, multi colored, jelly beans! We just cannot take over the market that Racani has! Just that I thought everybody would be flying around with anti gravity boots by now. So much for my sharp wits"

Shalahop sat on top of his desk, and rubbed her husbands back "Polterhep, but who would have thought your twin brother would have went into the same business as you! He was going to go into the Oil and Gas industry, and make billions! But your brother decided to really try to ruin you, this time!"

Polterhep's look on his face now was one of being exasperation "Well, who would ever come out with a brown colored, jelly bean? Pure genius, and he has outsold me by 10 to 1 jelly beans! Now, he is planning a corporate take over of my stock, once it plummets to the bottom! He gains, while I lose my millions. He must have an inside contact. I wish I knew who it was, dear!"  He buried his head lowly into his desk, as his comfy leather reclining chair squeaked somewhat.

Once again his wife confided in him "Dear, do not worry. Everything we own.. This mansion, the Cadillac, your thousand foot yacht, is all on lease! Let them take it away, they can never take away our dream Florida vacation home in Miami!"

The business mans face frowned "Dear, that dream home in Florida? I had to sell it in order to pay the workers family, do you remember? The one that fell into the sugar and syrup mixture. The high speed blades chopped her up as fine as cocaine! Her whole body was mixed with several million packages of our super spring jelly bean line, which, unfortunately for us was discovered by a forensic scientist somewhere eating a package in this fine country of ours! Too smart, I guess".

His wife then pushed him back on his seat, and she smiled at him as she played with his tie "Darling, I still do not believe that forensic scientist was put on the case to find those tainted jelly beans! Plot, I think not. Just bad luck! You have had an extra ordinary run of bad luck, darling. I suspect it will never get worse, as you really hit the bottom of the canyon this time! I love you! Isn't that all you really need?"

He kissed his wife on the cheek "Thank goodness I got you, my dear. You are the only one that is holding my sanity together, in this cut throat world of jelly bean production. If only my brother would give me a third of his business... Or even half.. Than I would invite him here for my food container storage parties, once again! That is, if he brings some cash with him!"

"Oh, you are so funny, my dear" his wife got up to the door, "Those were my container storage parties, we used to have so much fun!" She picked up her purse, and blew him a kiss "Remember, that we can get through this.. We just need a miracle, or a shooting star to hit your brothers house!  I am going shopping, to get my mind off of this madness... I love you!"

Polterhep smiled and waved his wife off "Yes, please go out and spend the credit. We need to get a good interest rate reduction, anyways... I love you, and have lots of fun!"

She left, and as she ran outside the door, Racani picked her up in a giant sized limo just hidden down the street from the beautiful mansion.

His butler came in, with some envelopes in hand "Sir, lots of mail once again, for you and the Mrs".  The butler threw the mail down on the stressed out mans desk.

There was one envelope addressed to his wife, from the "High Energy Jelly Bean Factory" headquarters in New York city. Oddly enough, Polterhep felt it all the way down and up. He smelled it, and he could smell some ass hole gas. "Just stand back", as he waved to his butler, "I usually do not open my wives mail, but this one smells familiar".  He took out his pocket knife, and his hand hauled out a womans G string and a thank you note from Racani. It said 'Thank you for the fabulous night... You forgot this at the headquarters, better give it a wash- Love, Racani!"

Polterhep yelled "A G string! From this house! It smells like my wifes rear end! And mailed to Racani, my brother!". He paused for a minute and slammed his two hands down on the desk "Butler, someone has mailed my wifes underwear to Racani, for some weird kind of, sick joke! Get me my gun, we are going to see the laundry lady!"


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