Wrote down my thoughts last night on Part IV

It was 3 am in the morning, and was sure that I was awake. But the story line in Part 4 came to me yet again, and expanded into something more tangible. I went back to sleep, afraid that I would be not remember it in the morning, but decided against jotting the information down.

I got up again at 6 am in the morning, and yet again the thoughts were there and I expanded on some of them  in some sections of the book. I decided this time to jot it all down. It ended it up being a page of notes, but that page of notes ends up being many pages of action, and perhaps a major thrust to the story line. This has happened to me before when writing Part 2 and 3, where I had to jot stuff down while half asleep. Thankfully, bits and pieces of the story came to me to be able to create these books. Part 1 was created over a stretch of 7 years. It was expanded on, due to the length of hibernation, as I was not sure as to publish it. It was actually done in a few months, but over those 7 years allot was added to it. Refined, and then defined.

I was relieved that I got something moving on the story. For awhile, stagnancy was the direction I was heading with Part 4. It should be alright, just up to the climax. This would be about 3/ 4 through the book, I am assuming. Then ending will be a little tougher to figure out this time. I find that I am not that good, with certain facets of endings.

I may try to write a little more tonight. It should be alright, but to make it fun for the reader, maybe a little tougher this time. But at least the story line is there.

Have a great day, till next time...


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