Writers who post fake reviews.

There has been a little article in the news, about a writer who had posted fake reviews of his book on the net. This is on the link of the CBCs book website, as follows below:


I do not think it would be bad if he had just written one biased review about his own work, but when it goes as far as debasing other peoples work with a fake name, then you are headed into double jeopardy. A real name should be used, if you critique someones work.

On Goodreads, I received a scathing review from someone. The next day, I received a 5 on 5.

It puts into question the bad reviews, and even the good reviews. A person at work, a friend of mine, gave me a 5 on 5. I personally questioned her own review, as just being kind to me. But the 5 on 5 I did receive was from the USA, and from a person truly unknown to myself. The 1 on 5 as well, unknown to me.

I did rate my own books on Goodreads. I was informed it was not a good idea from other authors, but yet allot of authors did review their own book to get the discussion going. I also placed in the review, that the review was indeed "Biased", coming from myself with my name attached to it. This way, I believed it would spur some interest and result in a few more reviews coming my way.

In no way did I call my book a strike of genuis, as I realize that my work is not 100 % perfect, as in the story of the CBC reportage. Everyone has a different take on the many works of creativity.

I can tell all readers,  that personally, I have had a hard time in getting reviews. I think they are the lifeblood to an authors career. If you have lots of family and friends, these reviews can come easily for allot of Print on Demand books. Myself, the 99% of my friends have not given me a review, although they have read my book. But, I always knew the critiques had to come from the public that you do not know. The public that you do not know, decides, in all finality, whether someones writing career begins or just ends at those very important first few reviews..

As authors, we should be helping other readers to find their way to the bookstore..  Focus on getting our youth to the bookstores, and growing the reading population. And that is it.. And let them decide, what they want to buy.  And be positive to other authors, and hope others do well, as well.

Have a good evening, till next time...


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