Weight training again.

Started to weight train the other night. I used to do it much more at a fanatic pace in my 20s, but boys, has that every changed.

I could see myself pushing 190 lbs over my head for shoulder press, 10 times. I could bench press 225 for 10 times. I cannot do that now, as I have lost strength over the years being idle at the weights. Remember to always consult a doctor before starting any training regime. I found I had incredible shoulder strength when I was young, and could press 85 dumbells over my head when seated no problem. Maybe this is why  my shoulders are out of wack a bit today. We would train heavy, most of the time.

One thing that will limit me forever from achieving those heights again. My shoulder, seems to feel irritated at times. The bench press does not feel like a regular movement, when I press heavy. My shoulder, says slow down. I feel a discomfort there. This is probably from an old injury, way back when doing behind the neck presses with heavy weight. I would not do behind the neck presses, personally, ever again. Dumbell presses are as far as I would go.  Any movements that really twist or give an awkward motion on joints, I would personally eliminate from a training regime. But that is just my opinion.

Now, I am going light with the weights. Trying not to get too stiff, and not really going long into work outs. After a month, I will go moderate, then a month of that and then heavy for a month.

I was lucky to have had a great environment to weight train in my early 20s and teens. They guys at school, would always come and invite me to go with them. You always had a spot, and we always trained hard. Some guys were more stronger than me, that is for sure. I was about average at that time. It was a place to keep us out of trouble, the gym.

No news on book front, till next time...


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