Total of 14 books and 10 sold.

So far in 2012, I sold 10 books out of 14 at a little corner bookstore in Bathurst, so far. This is a 71 % success rate. And the year is not even over, yet. This is with a city population of 14 thousand approx.

I did not opt for to offer returns for my book. I found it maybe to risky, and where I could get caught with allot of returns. Even if it is a good seller at this bookstore, in my little corner of the world, I still feel not comfortable knowing where the books goes, and how it is promoted on the shelf.

If I knew that bookstores would keep the book on hand for at least a year (not a month), then returns would probably be worth the while. I am unsure if even my publishing company, would try a limited returns policy.

A returns policy, that lets say will allow an author to receive returns on a forgivable amount. Something an author could handle, if things went south. Maybe a hundred returns offered, a thousand? Depends on the individual, but it makes for a great way for an author to test the waters in the returns system, without getting too many books coming back.

I will talk to my publisher about this. It is always the same, when something is not chartered beforehand, it is hard to get into the motions of the thing.

Have a great afternoon, till next time..


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