Today this blog is all about you.

Today, I was thinking just to open this blog up to you. I was wondering what you are thinking, about this blog. Is it something where you get some interesting tad bits on the world out there, or are you just checking this out now and then to see how I am doing in the book world?

How do you think I am doing, and am I going in the right direction in the book business? Everything thus far was done through, a labtop PC, and a bit over the phone. Just imagine, doing all of the business in one way or the other, this way. A little bit has been done through leg work, but only the consignment stuff. And I have had not done hardly any of it.

So far I have 477 people signed up for my contest. 72 people offered to read my book.

I still have no reviews on the major sites like Amazon, or Barnes. Both books is offered in E format on Kindle, and one is actually offered as Nook also.

If you got some spare time, drop me a line. Tell me what my next move should be. Till next time..


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