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Small Advice for budding politicians out there.

Thinking of the USA election, and trying to remember about what makes a great candidate just great. A few of these people come to mind. Here is a list of my greatest Canadian politicians of all time:

1. Jean Chretien- Debt reduction and boom time.

2. MacKenzie King- WW 2 - social program groundwork.

3.  Lester B Pearson- Peacekeeping forces.

4. John A MacDonald - Confederation

5. Wilfred Laurier- Expanding Confederation. English French Partnership in governance.

My top 5 USA Presidents:

1. Franklin D Roosevelt. - Great depression and escape from it, WW 2.

2. Ronald Reagan - Low taxes, defeated communism?

3. George Washington - The USA Union.

4. John F Kennedy- Cuban Missile Crisis, civil rights.

5. Bill Clinton- Pay down debt and economic upturn.

These are my top 5 rankings in each country. The reason being, Jean Chretien being the top Canadian leader is due to the fact of his tough job he had to turn the country out of its economic turmoil. George Soros at the time, compared Canada to Mexico where at the time, Mexico had a financial crisis at hand.

Roosevelt, well, there is no explanation required to understand that his policies during the toughest depression, taking his country through WW 2, was definitely a time for the need of a great leader.

The rest on the list, have done allot for the benefit and expansion of their very own, great societies. Of course, these lists are different in the views of most people. And I do not agree with some of their policies, but they had solid strength in the face of adversities.

Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan gave incredible speeches. Jean Chretien had great speeches as well, and so did John A MacDonald.

Anyone in an election should know how to divide up their news tidbits. Know or try to catch their opponent in a faux pas. You cannot say you are going to raise taxes, unless there is a very good reason to do so. Do not give too much out at the first 30 days of a campaign. What will you have, in the last week, of campaigning. Old news.

Till next time..


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