Received a Review today!

Received a book review today, from a complete stranger.

A 5 on 5 star rating, from a lady in the USA. This is encouraging, and thankful for the boost.  As I needed a boost, as the light was getting dim for me, for awhile out there, as far as the book business was considered.

I have been painting my decks here at the house. It is early Sept now, and I am just lucky that it is warm for this time of the month. There were some Septembers in our past, here in Canada, where you used to see puddles freezing outside and some heavy frosts.  Once again, I leave things sometimes go too late. I will be putting on second coats, again, on what I painted yesterday.

Some paints, do call for painting in up to 50 F weather (10 C),  or even close to 35 F. I believe the paints have got better over time, for cold weather applications.

It is going to rain tomorrow, so I better get at it now. Thanks to Marion, for the 5 out of 5 star rating.. Part 3 may come out someday, as a result..

Till next time...


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