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Part 4: 20 % done

Part 4 is about 20 % done. I may write today, if the time permits. The worst part for myself, is always the ending. How do you come to an ending that is different, exciting, draw dropping, or just plain. Maybe the reader is not looking for a surprising exit.

I watched the Naked Gun part 1 last night, and seen an ending where Frank Drebbon aimed his shooting cuff links at the man that was about to shoot the Queen, but ended up hitting an innocent woman from the stands up above. She fell on the shooter. The Queen was saved. But then the ending dragged on, as he had to follow the villain to inside the stadium, where things turned out great in the end. It was a great ending, as his old friend Nordberg was in a wheelchair, recovering when... Well you know the ending. The funniest part of the movie for me, was when he was shooting at his own car. He parks always smashing it, the air bags deployed in the car, hit the shifter into drive, and began going down the road passing him along the way. The car was smashing into stuff heading down the road. He began firing wildly at the car, eventually blowing it up "Did anyone get the license plate of that car?".  Classic comedy.

I watched the Dictator as well last night. The ending was nothing different from other films endings, but the comedy was good. His double did something spectacular in the end. I will not say as to ruin the ending. You probably already know how he was saved... But, it goes to show that sometimes the ending does not have to drag on for a long time. And that the climax can go close together with the ending as well. Maybe just as long as it delivers on the entertainment, whether it is horror, comedy, drama, ect.

Well, time to get to writing... Till next time..


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