Painting decks.

Deck painting is never truly enjoyable. Sure, it is fun when you first buy the beautiful colors of paint. Then you scrape, sand, and do what it takes to get the deck ready for painting. Some people use chemicals, or pressure wash too. In pressure washing, you have to be careful in not to lift the grain of the wood.

The first coat is on the deck in the back. I have to do the second coat later on. The balusters are the worst job. Having to paint, in and outside, side to side. And, when the number is approximately over a 120, it is a tedious job.

I thought I was smart. Next time I build a deck, I will try to go with vinyl handrail system, or just put glass panes inside the handrail system. Wooded balusters are ok, if you got lots of family and friends helping you paint. I am all alone, doing this crappy job ;)

I used a rough surface style roller for the main floor. The paint went on some fast, as far as the decking was concerned. I used to do it with a brush, but I had to think of an alternative method, after wearing myself out on the balusters. A spray paint mechanism may work much better at this, but I never used that method before. I was thinking about that it could probably waste some paint, in spraying in between the balusters. But it if saves work, heck..

Besides that, no news on the book front. I am not advertising this week at all. I am giving the world a break. I may restart again Sunday or Monday, but right now I am beat.  Till next time..


oilers said…
I used the roller for the balusters on the second coat. It went allot faster, and then using the brush in between the hard to get areas. 3 hrs time the second time down from double that time the other day.

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