Giveaway books have arrived in the USA.

I have gotten word that one of my Giveaway Books has landed in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is exactly one week from mailing from Canada, Tuesday to Tuesday through airmail. I am assuming most of my winners have gotten their books by now.

One lady is going to read it right away, and seems to be pretty excited about it. I will be excited to see her review, as I had not seen a review in a good while.  It seems my momentum has stalled again. There is "no chain reaction" effect to be had, an effect we as artists always hope not to see.

Chain reaction effect is where one guy passes on the news of the book to the next guy, and the next gal, and so on and so forth. I did not catch the tide? Maybe there was a reason for it. Poor marketing skills do stand out.

On the other hand, hopefully it is not due to how bad the book is to the general public. You always think in the back of your mind, that it just did not break the "Got to have" barrier. We see it with popular products like an I phone, Camaro, or a Katy Perry song, that always breaks the "got to have barriers".

Enough reviews are there now, to tell me for the instant that the book was good. Neighbors giving me support as well. Nothing I can do. It is out of my hands now, and into the hands of the Internet audiences. Give me some reviews, and maybe Part 3 may come to the living...

Have a great night, till next time...


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