Getting into a blah moment.

You know when you are feeling blah. Now and then, everyone just feels a little blah.

I do not even feel like advertising my book on Twitter. I am feeling a little blah. I decided to take a few days off of advertising. You do get, a little blah, about it after when you see not much working there.

Blah. I think everybody is a little blah now and then. You do not feel to cut the grass, do dishes, or wax you car. You are feeling a little blah.

I am surprised that E Blogger does not put a red underline mark under Blah. I did not even know, it was decided somewhere in time that it was actually a word.


I painted my 16 by 16 deck in the back today. Half done. I am feeling quite blah now. Blah does interfere with, success. I do believe it to be so. I am burned out. Damn them posts! I should cut them off with my chainsaw.

Till next time, have a great week...


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