Barn Raising.

Barn raising. I remember that title, from an expert from a condensed version of an old writing from a long time ago. I believe I seen a part of it, through my life.

What does it mean?  I will tell you that it meant allot more back before our time, than it does now.

It was about the link, or links, the traditional farmers had with the fishermen, lumberman, blacksmiths of their time.

These people, with callus hands, dirt that they could not wash from their hands, but more important than all, they had a firm direction in heart.

This is the environment in which I was brought up in. My father was like both a father and a grandfather to me. Having a brother, relatives, where any inconceivable job could be taken up, and done with the help of family and friends. Whenever you needed a hand, they would, just suddenly appear, and say "We can do that". Time to roll up the sleeves. Get the job done!

And, do that they did. Whether repairing roofs from damage, water systems that were leaking, or going far back- hay that had to be picked up from the fields to the mow, it was done. Stuke the hay in piles, spread and let it dry out, stuke it again, get it ready for the mow. Pray that it just, did not rain, during that time. But the farmers knew when they could cut their hay.

Is barn raising a little less noticeable these days?  Our neighbors, when they need help, are we there to lend a hand? All I know, is that this wonderful past that I was a part of, was something that I truly miss. Mostly because I did not have a big family, brothers, sisters, but, maybe time will give me another chance to truly barn raise again.

Lightning hitting a barn, somewhere in a small village back in the early 1900s. No need to worry. Barn raising was still in effect back then. Ready to rebuild. To all means, there is an end.

Till next time...


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