47 % ? What is up with the that?

47 % of voters, a recent politician said, would vote a certain way for a president regardless of who the president was. Ok, we know the story was about Mitt Romney.

Allot of news in circles said this was a huge gaff for the Republicans. In this blog, I am trying to be neutral here. Mitt Romney does have allot going for him. He looks presidential, and he does have that W. Bush or even a tad of that Ronald Reagan about him. I do like Mitt, and I do like Obama as well.

Obama is a smooth talker. The only problem, is that it appears he likes to talk too much, for myself, personally. I can only handle so much of his speech. But, he can rhyme off a his usual highs and lows about any subject for hours on end.  He can talk your head off.

As I have said in an earlier post, Clinton was one of the best speech givers of all time. Reagan, and a Canadian Prime Minister by the name of Jean Chretien gave some incredible moments.

Mitt Romney, from what I gather from the press, makes allot of gaffs. This is not good, when you are running for president of the USA. Bush was somewhat similar, but in a more humorous way. Romney unfortunately, is a little too much on the serious end. The 47 % who are dependent on the government for this and that, may come to remember him big time at the polls.

This is the big problem with the new reality of politics. Everybody got a camera. Everybody can record you on a cell phone. No longer can you have those little chats, that so many past leaders had off of the cuff, without fear of exposure. This is the new age we now live in.

Do I still think Romney can win. For sure. I know how he can win. I know exactly how he can win. I am not going to freely give it on here. But I am not a political adviser. I am not in his inner circle. I hope he wins. But I do also hope Obama wins too, as being an outsider. I root for the two of them.

No news on the book front, till next time..


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