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Grandpa Wannapus vs. Grandpa Acadou: The final Karaoke!

The nurses aids and event co ordinator set the both men back up in their chairs, after frantically slapping each other in the face a few times... Now they were far enough away so they could do no harm, as they rolled them into each a corner place in the large auditorium.

The even coordinator smiled and took the mic "Ok everybody, it is Karoake night will all of our senior home pals! Who wants to sing first? Who wants to give everyone a joyful, tear jerking melodies of our past memmories? Maybe a few love songs for our senior Level 4 love birds out there, or maybe for those workers who have developped love affairs with our patients, tee hee!"

Immediately Acadou and Wannapus raised their hands and nearly fell out of their chairs in competition. Both wanted to sing, and sing badly. All the others grumbled and sputtered in disgust.

The event co ordinator pointed to Acadou "Ok, you first Grandpa Acadou. Wheel him up here, please. What will you sing for us today?'

He rolled up to the front of the stage, and grabbed the mic "Oh, I was thinking of singing a super song from Fleetwood Mac, "little lies", as my old nemesis likes to tell allot of those... But I will sing just one off of the cuff...

Grandpa Wannapus tells lots of stories,
about his older glories,
having strong women and lots of drink,
but everybody knows he was just a fink,

When he pushes his chairs with his arms,
his armpits smell like a jar of rotten fishing worms,
when he passes gas at the nurses,
the fire alarm activates and they run for their purses,

as he is looking to steal his way out of the home!

Grandpa Wannapus then rushed up and banged his wheelchair and took the mic from his adversary "That will be all from you, you ruthless rat from a nuclear blast explosion!" The nurse wheeled Acadou away, slapping his adversary until he got too far away.

Grandpa coughed then gargled his throat clear "Ok, I was thinking of singing a song from "I've Always been Crazy, by Waylon Jennings as the lyrics pertain to Acadou, but I will make a song up from the top of my cervix"

The event coordinator sighed.. "You mean your cortex, in your brain... Not cervix, but please sing for us your song!"

Acadou has oxygen up his nose at night,
If I had a welding torch I would make it bright,
Cut of that nose and make an ant house out of it,
where it can finally be of some good use,

If it were up to me I would send him to Venus,
A planet where I am sure there are no other Penis,
As when I bagged tagged him the other day,
I am sure I lost my finger splint up his Va....

The nurses aid grabbed the mic away "Ok, that is enough from you two guys today! Would anyone else like to finally sing some caring songs?"


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