Part 4 was ready to go... Still a no?

Part 4 of my book was ready to go to a publisher. A self publisher. I thought going to another self publishing spot may alleviate my cost problems, and bring them down to a responsible level.

So far, perhaps the upfront cost may equal that to my old publisher, or a bit more by 400 cigarettes. The amount that will be needed to burn in order to get myself to publish this thing.

Once again I am worn down. No time. But, the text is finished. The cover in my view is finished, but not in a self publishers view. The cover has to contain a back cover, and a spine. I was thinking, if I drew out the entire front cover in order to save me money, and yet have to just prepare a spine, a back cover in order to save more, then something is wrong. A spine just has to have the main title and perhaps my name alongside of it. The back, a blurb about the book and a frame or boarder around the words. Still, this takes time to produce a spine and a back cover, something I had not even thought about yet.

So then the old publisher is still there. At a cost of perhaps a few hundred dollars less. But, perhaps the cost per unit of the book would be higher. This new company tells me they have a larger, broader distribution network than my old publisher. They tell me I will be making a mistake by going back to them.

The product of the old publisher, I was quite satisfied with, and they seemed to treat me fairly thus far.

Perhaps Part 4 will not be ever be created. Very frustrated right now.


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