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Harold Wannapus the Billionaire Supermarket Mogul and the Presidential debates.

CNO Larry Pookohoon asked the first question to Donald Trump "Ok, the wall. Who is going to pay for it? You say Mexico? Do they got enough cement in Mexico to do the job?"

Donald Trump responded "Yes, we will build a wall on the boarder between Mexico and US!"

Hillary Clinton answered "Who needs a wall, lets build a friendship between Mexico and the US!"

Harold Wannapus pondered but then answered after the reporter Pookohoon shooted in his microphone "Mr. Wannapus, who is going to pay for the wall?"

The months and months of campaigning took a toll on the dubinair billionaire. He fluttered his eyes and could only think of peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches. All the money he spent on the trail, his personal cash, to try to defeat the stalwarts of the Democrat and Republican parties...

He woke up and hit his head on the microphone on his podium "Uh. Oh. Ok. Yep, Well A wall, very dangerous they could fall and break a bone when catapulting across it or they could run into it in the dark and bump their head. What if it ruins the scenery in a high end Mexican condo zonage? You know, I say we build a helicopter pad center, and lift them off to our northern boarder to Iceland. There, they can learn the beautiful Icelandic ways on how to care for there Volcanoes and fish cod all season long. And, a healthy diet of cod liver oil is good for their joints and the least known little secret into making a great burrito... Those hula girls will be so happy to see them come over to their land on those sandy beachers! So, vote for Wannapus this election!"


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Part 4 is free and available but in limited quantities!

Part 4 is free for now, and available in limited quanties ( 50 downloads per day),  500 per month...

At least I think I set it up that way... Here is the link to Bookfunnel.

I tried Goodreads Giveaway, but you had to be a member of KDP publishing on Amazon. Frustrating, but there is always another way to skin a cat.

I waited a long time for Goodreads to offer ebook giveaways to everybody, but that only included KDP authors from Amazon.

So, I had to take it to this route. And to give my book to many, to get the word out. Something an author has a hard time to do, to sink the flagship battleship!!! 

Oh well, hope there are some positives out of this... I hope... Download it for free, if you can get it in time before the downloads run out!

Have a supermarket kind of day...