Part IV nearly lost a few weeks ago...

A baby running around the house can take allot of your time away. Terrible twos, they say, and do they sure ever like to climb. Have to try to watch them like hawks, tie everything down, lock up the chemicals, put the scissors up high, way high, so they cannot get into any trouble.

Well, the little guy found my hard drive. And, he sure damaged the only thing holding Part 4 all together, as I whimpered at the thought that I may have lost the whole 300 or so page book... I looked at the back of the hard drive, and a piece was missing. I shook it gently, and could here a took, took... What was broken?

I then turned it upside down as I held out my other hand palm up. The connection for the cable broke off, and fell into my hand. But what else could be wrong with the drive...

I shook my head, but I smiled at my little boy. Not his fault. I should have put the drive high, somewhere where he could not reach it. I then thought, how will I ever rewrite 300 pages of this book? How could I ever remember all of the details, the quirky humor, all of the scenes, on how they all fit together in the book.

Yours truly does have a poor memory, but I probably could put together something much different, but with the same story line somewhere down the line...

I looked up at the sky, and I said, whatever will be, will be. If it was not meant to be printed, so be it. If something went wrong with the drive also, or something was so far wrong with the drive that nothing could be spun off of it, then I would live and accept that as the end of my book writing journey. I was ready to accept the end.

I took the hard drive to get fixed for 25 dollars. The man at the electronics store first said "Hmm, Never worked on something like this before. Not sure if I can fix it" I said that from what I could see, as I tore the drive apart myself at the house to examine it further, was it needed to be soldered at the connection and maybe a few connecting points needed to be straightened out.

After going in to get it, I was lucky to see that the repairman had made the connection point solid and spread out the connecting points. I took it home and plugged it into my machine, I was relieved to see that everything was alright. Part 4 was in good shape, but I made sure to duplicate it on another flash drive.

What was even more harder to believe, is that I had time to spell check, re-evaluate, add humor, to the first 30 pages of the text. Which makes for a stronger book.

Not sure yet if I want to publish this book, but if time permits- time is a precious commodity in my life these days, maybe it could be published in a cheap, cheap way come fall...

Only time will tell the tale, if Part 4 will be published or not... But, I was very thankful and relieved that the drive worked fine in the end... The flickering flame is not extinguished, yet..

Till next time...


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