Thought about some great ideas for Part 4.

A few more ideas came to me on Part 4, strong humorous ones, that could produce another 2 pages or so on this book. I had to write them down quickly, as the mind can forget about this stuff within minutes of their conjuring, forever to be lost until they resurface maybe many years down the track. All this was done while the main body, or main scenes, were and still headed for the finish line.

This reinforces the main body of the text, going in the right direction with the rest of the series. I call these little moments of conjuring, cementing, the main text. It is like pouring the concrete around the iron bars, creating a stronger text for the main body.

Now, what must be done in heading down the track to the finish line, is making sure events happen at the right time, to achieve maximum effect.

Maximum effect,  by doing an action earlier,  you may help the body of the text elsewhere by expanding much more on this effect than if done later. It is easy for a writer to find the location onto where to place the maximum effect items or actions. Only if done too late, you could miss out on a few add ons, per say. A few things, also besides the small ideas coming along here and there, need to be done at exactly at the right time to achieve maximum, lasting, humorous, effect, in my case. I could minimize the effect by forgetting about these small details, and thus losing perhaps on two or three or more inserts by forgetting to place the thread in the exact location of the writings.

I now only hope I can find some time to continue the writing of Part 4. Time is a precious commodity these days, as I have very little of it as of late. Hoping I can turn out a text before Christmas, would be super. Not sure I can attain it, but will try in October to get the main text finished, if the ideas continue to flow well as they have.

Till next time...


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