Few ideas on hold... To busy with affairs at the ranch.

Unfortunately, I have had some great ideas for Part 4 the other day. Yet, work, family affairs kept me from the writing board. Even today,  the family wants me to go and do some errands again today. Keeping me from a good hour or two on the keyboard, putting down my much wanted ideas to try to help expedite the completion of part 4.

Usually this is the way it goes. It is a good thing there are no deadlines attached to my writing. It does give me allot of space, freedom, and time to get things done at, albiet, a much slower pace.

It helps when you have allot of support in your family, in order to give yourself more time to get your affairs in order. Over the past few years, I have been doing everything on my own.

I will try to get some writing done tonight, if the time permits.  The weather is terrible today, so maybe I may stick inside and get some things going... Before my real job comes calling again..

The book is probably 80 % finished now,  but there are at least 8 scenes to put in at the moment. 8 scenes that may produce another 30 pages, plus or minus.... If I can gather more ideas, and have more time at the ready, maybe I can produce more.. I never thought that time could be so hard to hold.

Till next time...


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