4 on 5 star review for "The Supermarket Guy 3"

Today I received a 4 on 5 star review for "The Supermarket Guy 3" humor book.

Comments that stood out for me were "At first this book had me all sorts of confused but once I got into I realized this book has it all. -"

No doubt, the beginning was very trivial to me. Should I go with it, entertain that sort of direction, or completely change the first chapter. But, when realizing the total gist of the movement, the total theme of the book had to be going that way. And to go that way, the beginning had to be serious, and I tried to add sparkle to beginning of the book by adding some slight humor. This was indeed, very difficult, but it appears it may have thrown off some readers- a good and bad thing all in one, perhaps. Maybe not, especially if they read it right to the end.

Thanks to the reader for this great review,

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