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Vitrictus forgot about Valentines day.

Vitrictus spent valentines day, all day at the house. He was drinking beer, and watching his black and white television. His family was poor, but they made ends meet by buying and selling old antiques. He now and then would take a break from watching his television, and splattered a few flies, making blood soaked pin marks on the wall. He wore his white undershirt, with his big belly expanding the egg yoke stains on them. His pants were at least a few days old.

His wife came out near midnight, just past Valentines day. She talked, disrupting his favorite late night show, dream girls gone wild "Vitrictus, did you not know that today was Valentines day?"

Vitrictus yawned at his wife "It advertised it all day, that it was Valentines today, dear. I just had so much going on here. Well, watching football, and what not. And, I had to finish this case of beer before it spoiled. It is not as fresh, when you open the carton. Then when drinking this morning, it is hard to go out in a motor vehicle when drunk. Maybe I will remember you next year, dear! I really thought you would have forgotten about it. Your memory is that of a sharp cricket!"  He took a swig from his can.

His wife then went over to the case of beer. She hauled out four bottles. She went to the adjoining exit, that led to the kitchen, and then began to fire off a barrage of beer bottles that were never seen before on ninja tv.

One hit him in the stomach, one gave him a black eye, and one hit his knee, while the last one landed directly into his mouth. He twisted off the cap with his tongue, as it landed cork first, and began to chug it down in one big gallop.

He then rested the beer bottles at his side and before she could leave "Darling, I know it is Valentines day. But, tomorrow, the big sales are on for the discounted chocolates... I was thinking of getting you some left overs tomorrow.. And, with the money that I would have saved, we would take a trip to where we met... The city communal waste dump.. Remember, how I lifted that avalanche of furniture off of your chest. We both were looking for antiques, and we found two! Me and you, two shiny antiquities, in love!"

She sighed and looked up at the hole in the ceiling "Yep, you saved my life that day. And you gave us our two wonderful children that are now star poker players in the lower townships! Things could not have gone better for us!  I love you, darling!"

Sometimes, loving memories are all that is needed to rekindle a lost romance... Think of one, for your sweetheart, this coming valentines day!!!


M.C.V. Egan said…
It is true that fond memories rekindle romance. Very sweet.

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