The Book Caster is an interesting website.

Here is a link to another interesting website. A site, where you place your ideas on who could be cast for the main characters in your book.

or   for my books link.

I did not get posted on that site yet, but some of the ideas I threw around on a thread on book blogs were the following.

Jim Carrey would have been the best "Supermarket Guy",  but Mark Walhberg is funny too (with Will Ferrell in The Other Guys), and Ben Stiller. These guys are just too middle age now for the part.

A young Adam Sandler, maybe even James Franco (he is funny), but once again the age is there. Franco looks young, though. James Franco could do the job, with some Hollywood magic.
I would say 1.  Andrew Garfield, could be "The Supermarket Guy 1, 2, and 3", but 2. Benjamin Walker would look good too.  These are two young, up and coming new stars.

These were my ideas, on who could play the main protagonist in my books.. Till next time...


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