No chicken is cool sporting a leather jacket, made from one of your barnyard pals!

Fancio the hen, was out pecking and eating worms in her little fenced off area. When her little poussins began running back and forth, she hurriedly pushed them back into the safe shelter of the hen house.

There, she could roam around freely, and talk to farmer Liceyhead. She spoke up quite vividly, as she was the star egg layer in this farm "Licey, ole pal. Do you not know that I lay approximately two dozen of eggs per day? While all the other hens are lucky to lay one per day? Winter is coming, and I deserve a little bit of a bonus... After all, you do want those two dozen of eggs every day, now don't you?"

Farmer Liceyhead looked over at his old bull, near the fence. He threw out the piece of straw that was in his mouth and replied unwillingly "I know how to fix you up! I got an idea, now. It is a win win situation for me, and of course, I would not want you to fall off of your production on egg laying!"

The next day, farmer Liceyhead came out with a brand new, brown leather jacket. He placed it around Fancio, the hen. She felt some proud, and clucked around the pen like she was the king of Kentucky Fried Chicken! All the Roosters began to chase her again! Things were looking up, for the greatest egg laying hen of all time...

Then, one of the cows noticed Patchio the Bull was now missing. Herthen, the biggest cow of them all, seen Fancio prance and dance near the fence close to her area. "That leather looks damn familiar! Oh, and its texture" She put her face through the fence, and gave a big wet lick on Fancio's leather jacket.

Fancio replied in a rage "Hey, you stupid ole cow! This thing is not treated for the elements yet! No water protection on here yet! You want to crack my beautiful leather jacket! Go back to chewing on cud, and stop dragging your sac all over the place!"

Immediately a big moo came out of Herthen's mouth, she smashed the fence, and sat right on Fancio. When she got up, Fancio had stuck to her rear end. Francio was unconscious.  Herthen cracked out a big amount of methane gas, which shot Fancio across the barnyard into the farmers house, as his window was open. She fell into the pot. Liceyheads wife, was peeling carrots and turnips for a big chicken stew... "Wow, my wonderful husband got that rooster awfully fast! Talk about efficiency! And this one looks like she come out of one of those "Star" magazines, with one of those fancy Hollywood jackets on. Oh well"

And, the leather jacket was then nailed on top of the pen, in memory of the hen that could lay eggs like a politician could tell lies...


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